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I have this thing about saxaphone players

::name:: Mekalu
::age:: 15
::where ya from:: the ghetto
::nickname(s):: eggplant, kafrickenla, kala bo bala, lover.

::what have you eaten today?:: nothing.
::when was the last time you showered?:: this morning.
::what cd is in your player RIGHT NOW?:: love mix volume 1.
::what do you want to be when you grow up?:: i wanna be a hippie... BUT I FORGOT HOW TO LOVE!

::artists/bands (at least 7):: the early november, something corperate, saves the day, death cab for cutie, ima robot, hot hot heat, dresden dolls, dashboard confessional... and sooo many more.
::favorite movies (at least 5):: donnie darko, saved, the crow, rocky horror picture show, virgin suicides
::favorite plays (if you dont know any, please consider yourself rejected and leave):: barefoot in the park, annie, honk, uhh... basically all the plays kelsey or samantha is in.
::favorite books:: the perks of being a wallflower, cut, the catcher in the rye
::favorite artist:: bright eyes
::poem:: uhh?

::promos (at least 2):: huh?
::PICTURES OF YOUR VAIN SELF! at least 3, no more than 8. WITH A CLEAR
SHOT OF YOUR FACE. non of that, back of the head shit::

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