r.l (rxxl) wrote in battery_whores,

I have this thing about Saxaphone Players


::name:: riel kelsey lynch.
::age:: pretty much 16.
::where ya from:: Canada,ya hurr.
::nickname(s):: rolo,rielly,ryles,rK-lovely,stu.


::what have you eaten today?:: I just ate wonton soup. Some Alldressed Chips,A Sandich,and for breakfast. a 1/4 of a chocolate cake.
::when was the last time you showered?:: This morning.
::what cd is in your player RIGHT NOW?:: Probably Underoath. i think i fell asleep to it.
::what do you want to be when you grow up?:: I would like to be a writer or something.


::artists/bands (at least 7)::
rilo kiley,underoath,frou frou,rufus,hellogoodbye,smashing pumpkins,spill canvas,q and not u,weakerthans,blood has been shed,apc,co&ca,modest mouse,belle and sebastian,bright eyes,halifax
::favorite movies (at least 5):: sid and  nancy, the virgin suicides,amity ville horror,butterfly effect,white noise
::favorite plays (if you dont know any, please consider yourself rejected and leave):: I saw the broadway "Cats" and i really enjoyed it. I have seen Romeo And Juilet.Midsummer Nights Dream and the Nutcracker. I wanted to see "Dracula" while i was in NYC but my mom wasnt interested.
::favorite books:: I like this book "Marilyns Last Words" Because i <3 marilyn monroe. and this other book "the beautiful  dead end"
::favorite artist::  Errg. he does black and white photos. i just cant remember his name. it starts with an "A"
I like writing poetry myself.
Heres a Poem.

I am Completing...
Filling My Empty Pockets With Change
Crossing Out The Normal Casualties
And Leaving Only The Strange
For As Time Goes On
I Grow And Grow
The More Mistakes I Make
The More I'll Soon Know.
I Can't Sew Yet
I Can Only Mend.
I Do  Know How To Recieve,
But Not Yet Send.
Guide Me To You
I'm Unfamilar With Your Touch
Could You Be My New Love?
Simple Things, This Time
Wont Be Enough.


::promos (at least 2):: geez.
k i will promote. but i just promoted like everywhere.
ive joined liek 5 communites this week
cut me some slack for tooodaaaaaaay?

::PICTURES OF YOUR VAIN SELF! at least 3, no more than 8. WITH A CLEAR SHOT OF YOUR FACE. non of that, back of the head shit::

on your right.
this isnt "back of the head" is it?
its the side. and its viewing my bangs.

so sue me.

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yes indeed little miss! and thank you for joining!! :) and you need to promote sometime soon thats all i ask haha
aww i really like the third picture. your pretty.
and yes. even though im not a fan of underoath. ♥
& thank you.

i dont have a banner yet, jane will make one tomorrow haha
yes. you are supercool. i like your face.
thank you =)