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i have this thingg..about saxaphone players

::name:: the jane
::age:: 15
::where ya from:: JC
::nickname(s):: janey waney

::what have you eaten today?:: a big plate of sleep
::when was the last time you showered?:: just a sec ago
::what cd is in your player RIGHT NOW?:: my cousin's cd
::what do you want to be when you grow up?:: i want to run around and kick bums in the face and make a lot of money and spend it on rediculous things. yo

::artists/bands (at least 7):: the early november, bright eyes, copeland, ben folds five, say anything, limbeck, and melee
::favorite movies (at least 5):: welcome to the dollhouse, saved, garden state, donnie darko, hook
::favorite plays (if you dont know any, please consider yourself rejected and leave):: les miserables, THE 5TH OF JULY!, the importance of being ernest, some more
::favorite books:: the perks, naked lunch,
::favorite artist:: joanna newsom
::poem:: this one by e.e cummings. if you can't sing you got to die

::promos (at least 2):: fucking im a mod
::PICTURES OF YOUR VAIN SELF! at least 3, no more than 8. WITH A CLEAR
SHOT OF YOUR FACE. non of that, back of the head shit:: UGH hold on

shitttttttttttttttt thats hot
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your an effing mod, like me. you didnt need to fill out an app mutherfucker.
jane you tard. hahaha i love you. promote us you fuck